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Multilayer Steel Head Gasket being Installed

Multilayer Steel Head Gasket being Installed

What? Really?

That's right. We are Subaru specialist working out of a small shop. This allows us to provide the same repair (or better) than you will find at other shops or the dealership, at a much lower price. Top quality head gaskets and part kit.

Head Gasket Package

Includes upgraded multi-layered steel head gaskets, valve cover gasket set, intake manifold gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, new coolant and an oil change.

Add $200 to resurface both cylinder heads, but this is only needed if they are warped beyond the limit. This is necessary to ensure the longest life from the replacement head gaskets.

Subaru and the Notorious Head Gasket Repair

For years Subaru used a single layer graphite head gasket. While this head gasket allowed for more cylinder head warpage, it's rare that they go more than 120k miles without leaking oil from the bottom of the head gasket. Some times when the head gasket fails, it will leak coolant into the cylinder or out of the engine. This can cause the engine to overheat, making the problem worse.

When we replace the head gaskets, we use the improved design gasket. This is a multi-layered steel head gasket. These head gaskets will typically last the life of the car.