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Aaron - Owner/Techncian

Aaron - Owner/Techncian

What? Really?

That's right. We are Subaru specialists working out of a small shop. This allows us to provide the same repair (or better) than you will find at other shops, at a much lower price. Top quality timing belt kit and water pump. All covered by a 12 month/12k mile warranty.

Timing Belt and Water Pump Package

Includes a timing belt, hydraulic tensioner, all three idler bearings, water pump, water pump gasket, thermostat gasket and new coolant. We also replace the block plug gaskets if they are leaking.

All parts used are high quality Japanese or Korean, nothing Chinese made.

We stay in contact with you throughout the process, as there may be other repairs available for a drastically reduced price while the timing belt is already off.

Subaru Timing Belts - Don't Wait Too Long!

Subaru engines driven by timing belts, and made after 2000, are classified as Interference Engines. This means that if the timing belt breaks, or any of the bearings that the timing belt rides on fail, the synchronization of the movement of the valves and piston inside the engine is lost. The valves and piston can then collide, resulting in very expensive internal engine repairs. It is much cheaper to replace the timing belt on time.

It is strongly recommended to replace the water pump along withs the timing belt. It is included by default in this package. Water pumps often leak around 100k miles of service. By replacing the water pump with the timing belt, we address this common issue before it becomes urgent. And while it's easily accessible and much cheaper to replace.